Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Sunny Spring Day In Kingston!

This blog post has no purpose. Other than to waste time not doing work in my office.

Actually, wait, this post does have a purpose. I just want to briefly point out (before I head back to my readings) what a beautiful day it is today! Just look at it! Look outside! I don't see a cloud in the sky, and the weather is unusually warm for March. In Kingston. What happened to all the snow? Where? It melted? Well. Good riddance. Time to bust out the skirts, sandals, and shades, yes?

Ever have those days where the weather is just so fantastically beautiful that you end up in the most fantastic mood ever? Really, I'm more gleeful than usual. I don't know why, I really think it has to do with the sun. It's an unusually beautiful day in Kingston (well, unusual because of the months of dreary winter weather we've been having), and the spring-like weather has me in such a good mood.

It really is one of those days.

Anyway, I arrived at my office pretty early this morning, and the sun greeted me enthusiastically as soon as I stepped outside. Awesome. My office hours started at 9:00 am and will end at 11:00 am today, though I should probably stick around a few minutes after 11:00 am. The students are expected to pick up their essays during office hours (and extended office hours) this week, and I'm sure they're all anxious to get here. Fun. Actually, don't take that as sarcasm. I love it when students pick up their essays and realize they actually received a good mark or a better mark than they expected. The student who just left was almost in tears over her mark. Aw. You deserve the best, kid.

Okay, I should end here and stop procrastinating. I told you, this blog post had no meaning other than to tell you all that you should enjoy today's sunny awesomeness. Because it may rain tomorrow.

So here's the plan for today: finish Elections readings, finish a Canadian politics essay and then... tonight?


Sweet. What an awesome day ahead. It really is one of those awesomefantasticfeelgoodabouteverythinginlifesunnysunny kind of days. I would go and frolick in the sun but I have readings to do.

Have a great, fantastic, beautiful, awesome day, everyone!

"Through life, we suffer. With friends, we never have to suffer alone."

"Sometimes me think, 'What is friend?' And then me think... 'Friend is what last chocolate chip cookie is for.'"
- Cookie Monster

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