What exactly am I studying at Queen's?

My Main Area of Interest: Comparative Judicial Politics and Constitutional Design

Graduate study in the area of constitutional development worldwide is an area I've been interested in for awhile, particularly since taking a Constitutional Law course in my fourth year. I began studying this area in depth during the last year of my undergraduate degree by specifically researching judicial interpretations of the Philippine Constitution, its constitutional development since the fall of its authoritarian regime, and the mechanisms of Philippine governing structures as a result of constitutional provisions. At Queen's, I'd like to continue studying the issues that impact constitutional change, the judicial interpretations of provisions stipulated in national constitutions, and the effects of these decisions on local, provincial, and national policy.

Other Topics Of Interest:

Resolving issues of ethnic conflict in federalist societies, the comparative study of civil law vs. common law traditions, effects of judicial decisions on specific policy areas such as foreign accreditation & employment, the (lack of?) regulation of campaign financing both in Canada and the US, and the political & legal development of post-authoritarian regimes in Asia and Europe.

Master's Research Project at Queen's:

TBD. Something about political parties? Oh, decisions.

Last Edited On: December 7, 2010

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