For some articles I wrote for University of Toronto newspapers back in undergrad, please visit the following links:

University of Toronto's The Varsity:
Sessional Instructors Pass Strike Mandate
Latin Lives

University of Toronto's The Strand:
Living With Landmines
Student Government Censors Paper By Freezing Funds
UofT's VP and Provost Resigns For Promotion
Robarts Plans 75 Million Dollar Expansion
UofT Leader in Aboriginal Health Research


The following are a list of archived blog posts from July 2010 and August 2010:

JULY 2010

Coffee (Dates) - An Awesome Social Bonding Tool
Crimes Against Humanity & The Road To Justice
The Grad Life & The Meaning of Friendship
Research Study: "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful!
QOTD: Dinner With A Historical Figure
The (Not So) Political Manifestations of Big Brother - Who Is He Really?
My Daily Routine... With A Twist
The 90's: Re-Living and Appreciating Our Awesome Childhood
The TA's We Loved, The TA's We Hated
Kate Spade's "Book" Bag
Pretentious Academics: Dealing With Academic Know-It-Alls
Home Sweet Home In Kingston!
Office Politics - You Thought High School Was Over?


The Trouble With Academic Ignorance
Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Woes Of The Athletically Challenged - My Softball Dilemma
The Greatest Decade(s) Of Our Lives - Life In Our 20's
Prepping For Kingston - 11 Days Left
The World of Pageantry - In Defense of Beauty Pageants
(Not So) Missed Connections - Romantic Encounters of the Grad Kind
City Street Smarts - A Lesson Learned
The Immigrant Story: Land of Opportunity or Limit?
My Love Affair With Europe - Moments from EUROTRIP 2010
Where The Heart Is: Home
The (Not So) Health Grad Student - Kicking The Junk Food Habit
The Grad Life & The "Roots" of Human Emotion