Wednesday, July 21, 2010

QOTD: Dinner With A Historical Figure

Question Of The Day (QOTD):
If you could have dinner with any historical figure in the past 100 years, who would you have dinner with?

Hmmmm, that's a tough one. Because I'm indecisive (as anyone who has been shopping with me knows), I think I've narrowed it down to three choices: Pierre Trudeau, Princess Diana, or Winston Churchill. There are so many outstanding historical figures who demonstrated qualities I hope I can possess one day. And, quite honestly, if I could have dinner with any of these three people, I'd want to tell them how much their careers have influenced my own aspirations.

I can be a majorly embarrassing fangirl when I want to be (seriously, ask me about my autograph collection!), so I think our dinner conversations would go something like this...

1) Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Pierre, you had awesome fashion sense. I spent ten minutes going through the pictures in your biography just because your suits looked so spiffy. No wonder Liz Taylor fell so in love with you. I think I have too.

I'd also like to let you know how fascinated I am by your incredible charisma and political approach, particularly in the face of a majorly turbulent time in Canadian politics. You managed to keep one hand on maintaining your popularity (at least for the first few years) and another on strongly addressing the key political issues of your time. In your shoes, I wouldn't have known what to do. Years later, I don't think my generation truly comprehends how much of a reality Quebec secession was in the late 60s and early 70's. And yet despite the violence, turmoil, and threats of division, you weren't fazed. You've left quite a legacy on Canadian politics. And if I ever decide to join the ranks of constitutional lawyers one day, I'm sure I'll find that your influence on legal study and practices will last for years to come.

I doubt Canadian politics will see someone of your charisma for a very long time. I have to admit, as I head to grad school in September, I'm a little nervous about all the political big-whigs who may try to dominate over everyone else. But I'll always try to remember your confidence and attempt to emulate it. And perhaps one day, I can make a difference in the legal world just like you.

2) Sir Winston Churchill

Oh, Winston. You were so wise. Out of all political figures in history, you stand out as the one I admire most. In the midst of a violent world war, you were calm and strategic, even at the face of the most intense situations and deliberations. Your country depended on you, and I will forever admire the strength you demonstrated during the most trying times of your political career.

Perhaps the greatest quality I admire most was your ability to be an outstanding orator. Your speeches were, in short, amazing. As I sit here today, terrified beyond belief at the thought of presentations & public speaking in grad school, I think my greatest lessons can be learned from you. Despite your speech impediment, you managed to deliver some of the most memorable speeches in all of world history. And perhaps one day, I'll get over my own public speaking fears, just as you did with yours.

3) Princess Diana

Your Highness! It would be my pleasure to have dinner with you! I'd like to sit down and seriously discuss the possibility of marrying one of your sons. I don't care which one, either would do (although Harry's always been my favourite). Second, I'd also like to know where you purchased your fabulous clothing. And where you donated them (ever heard of Value Village?). Your style was so classic and effortless, and to this day, I still attempt to emulate it. As we grew up, little girls all over the world (myself included) were in awe of your grace, your poise, and your charm.

More importantly, I'd like to let you know that your philanthropic efforts haven't gone to waste. Your calls for attention to serious diseases like AIDS encouraged worldwide awareness of its prevalence in developing nations (along with other serious illnesses). Your attention to the landmines issue also led the way to an international campaign to ban its existence particularly in East Asia. Because of your efforts, I've learned a great deal about this serious problem, and I want to thank you for bringing such an important issue to the attention of thousands around the world.

Despite all the personal turmoil that surrounded your life before, during, and after your death, you will always be remembered as a truly outstanding woman of intelligence, grace, courage, and kindness. And to me, you are and always will be, a princess.

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader. A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”


  1. we are so hilarious:
    barb: Question: If you had to have dinner with any historical figure in the past 100 years, who would you have dinner with and why? LOL
    elaine: kyuhyun because i would want to tap that.
    barb: HES NOT DEAD YET, ELAINE! he doesnt count as a historical figure. LOL

  2. We should start keeping a record of all our conversations, there are too many of those moments to count hahahaha