Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Daily Routine... With A Twist

So this morning, I went through my usual routine: got up later than I should have, showered, dressed, ran out the door, and jumped into the car so my Dad could drive me to the GO station. I caught my GO bus, and settled into my amazingly comfortable seat to take a little nap before I had to get off and tackle another 8 hour work day.

Naturally, after 40 minutes napping, you tend to be a little sleepy, perhaps even a little disoriented when get you get off the bus. So I continued my daily routine, walked across the street to trusty Tim Horton's, and ordered my usual Banana Nut muffin (Yummy. Side Note: I love eating the crunchy muffin tops first then leaving the rest of the muffin for later. I'm just not interested in anything that isn't a muffin top, honestly).

However, as I turned to leave Tim Horton's, I got distracted. I was trying to figure out where to strategically place my Banana Nut Muffin in my crowded purse to ensure that it wouldn't be squished during my walk to work (squished muffin tops are seriously the worst). But I got so distracted that as I turned... I, honest to goodness, walked straight into the glass door.

And it wasn't even a mere bump that I could play off & giggle about with my audience before I walked off. Oh no, no, no. I walked into that shiny glass door so hard that it made a banging noise loud enough to cause the entire (massive) Tim Horton's line-up to turn and stare in concern. I was stunned, and my face, arm, and knee started to seriously sting. By the way, my little scene was also witnessed by a group of construction workers, professors, businessmen, and half the people I ride the GO bus with every morning! It was so fantastically embarrassing that even I had to giggle.

As I sit here at lunch, munching on my (un-squished, booyah!) Banana Nut muffin top, I am now sporting an awesomely red tinge on my right cheek, a purple bruise on my right knee and a slightly swollen upper lip. To be honest though, I'm not that embarrassed at all. What's life without a little twist to our daily routines now and then, right? ;)

Hope everyone's having an awesome week!

“For myself, I am always an optimist - it doesn't seem to be much use being anything else.” - Winston Churchill


  1. oh, barbz. this is why i [insert your bum/two half circles hand sign] you very much.
    ~*Princess Elaine*~

  2. LOL yes yes, i love you too, elaine
    *makes the bum/two half circles hand sign*