Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prepping For Kingston -11 Days Left

Oh my god. I move in eleven days. ELEVEN DAYS. So much left to do, so little time! I feel like this move isn't sinking in just yet, since I'm procrastinating finishing off the last few things on my To-Do List. However, I got a jolt of the Eleven-Day-Reality today when my email was bombarded with messages from Queen's regarding Orientation Week, registration, and all that good stuff.

I MOVE IN ELEVEN DAYS. Panic mode? I think so.

Latest Developments For My Move To Kingston:

1) I packed. Half my closet. It's taking two trips to move my wardrobe (in addition to my purses and shoes) to Queen's. Don't judge me.

2) I registered for Orientation Week. Activities include a boat cruise, a graduate & professional student semi-formal, a corn maze & hay ride (what? I know), a speed meeting, a trivia night, a haunted house walk, etc. Why does this seem like Frosh Week all over again? But for old people, obviously.

3) Pack the rest of my life away. Pictures frames, my printer, bedsheets, my six pillows, curtains, clothing, and random little things you never realize you need because they're always there and yet you panic when you realize they aren't (Like dental floss. Or garbage bags).

4) Figure out HOW to get Microsoft Office on my laptop without spending an obscene amount of money.

5) Download Skype. Because I need to keep in touch with all of you while I'm in the boonies. Skype dinners, anyone?

6) I need to buy an iron. My obsessive compulsive need to have my shirts free of wrinkles will go haywire if I don't own one in Kingston.

7) Tuition payments, registration, etcetera, etcetera.

8) Plan my combined going-away party with Mishal and Vania, since we're all leaving town the same weekend.

9) Plan going away dinners/lunches/coffee dates with those I won't have the pleasure of seeing on a regular basis come September. I'm missing everyone already!

That's it for now. But I'm sure there's more.

I'm nervous. But excited. But nervous. And panicking. But EXCITED!

"Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words--- 'wait and hope.'"
- Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo