Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Debating Skydiving (On A Grad Student Budget)

Over the summer, one of my best friends went skydiving. We all planned to meet at the skydiving centre that afternoon to watch her jump off the plane, but unfortunately, that was the day I had to drive to Kingston to sign my lease.

And so, I didn't get to watch her skydive. Boo. I remember it being a beautiful sunny day - the perfect day to jump off a plane, really. However, since then, I've seen the pictures. I've seen the videos. And the entire experience looks absolutely fantastic.

So this summer, we're all going to join her. We've been eagerly planning a day in August where we could all go skydiving together. I know, right? I'm excited, and, admittedly, a little petrified. But either way, despite knowing that I'll feel like puking the minute I step into that plane, I still want to go skydiving.

Just look at that picture above. What a surreal experience, right? Most of you who know me well are aware that I want to experience as many of these activities as possible before I enter the Real World of Work. Because realistically, am I ever going to have time to gallivant from activity to activity when I'm putting in 80 hours a week to pay off my law school loans in the future? Probably not.

Skydiving? It's right up my alley.

But here's the thing. I can only think of CONS when it comes to skydiving.

CON #1: It's $525. Um. That's a little.. uh.. steep for someone getting paid a mere TA salary here at Queen's. Expensive much?

CON #2: I might die. No, seriously. What if your parachute doesn't open?

CON #3: Did I mention that it's $525?

CON #4: My parents would keel over at the idea of their only daughter jumping out of an airplane. Yeah. Should I impose such unnecessary worries on my parents? (and extended family who will probably be just as worried and horrified?)

CON #5: Did I mention that it's $525?

CON #6: Did I mention my fear of heights? Yeah. I know. And I want to go skydiving. This equation doesn't make sense, does it? It's okay. Minor details. This fear of heights issue is something I need to get over. Like, I really need to get over my fear of heights. I'm thinking skydiving could be the antidote?

CON #7: Oh, yeah. It's $525.

Okay, so, in conclusion, skydiving is freaking expensive. And on a graduate student budget? I don't know if I can justify the cost. Which is really too bad, since it would be such an awesome experience.

On the other hand, skydiving isn't free. Ever. If I want to go someday, I'll have to pay that same amount regardless. So I might as well go ahead and sacrifice the cost for the experience now, right? Because, really, when am I ever going to have the chance to go skydiving for free? (Except when I fulfill that dream of being on The Amazing Race, obviously).

Dilemmas. Dilemmas.

I still have time to decide, so I suppose I'll hold off for awhile.

So the debate?

Experience vs. Cost.

Oh, money. This lowly grad student rolls her eyes at the cost of experience. It puts a downer on everything!

"Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words."
- George Eliot


  1. Go rock climbing... that will help with the fear of heights, plus its safer and cheaper.

  2. I've gone rock climbing :) So much fun! I want to try it outdoors though, I've only ever done it indoors.