Sunday, December 12, 2010

The LikeALittle Phenomenon - A Queen's Student Weighs In

A new "social networking" campus phenomenon has developed very recently, my friends. And it's more entertaining than you can possibly imagine. Until a couple of days ago, I had no idea what LikeALittle was. Apparently, it was just launched at Queen's this past Sunday. And while it's barely a week old, Queen's students have jumped on the LikeALittle bandwagon overnight. It's ridiculously amazing how fast people have started using it! Think Craigslist Missed Connections in real time, within the confines of a university campus.

CLICK HERE to check out LikeALittle and find your university campus.
CLICK HERE to check out Queen's LikeALittle page.
CLICK HERE to read an article about LikeALittle at the University of Toronto.

What is LikeALittle? According to its founders, it's a forum for real-time anonymous flirting on a university campus. Remember my previous post on Craigslist's Missed Connections? LikeALittle is just like that... only in real time. This means that LikeALittle is a website you can go on right away to describe the individual you're presently staring at. If you see someone who catches your eye, you can automatically log onto LikeALittle, type in a quick description of the person you're spying on, offer a compliment, and voila! The person sees the message right away and can begin looking around for you. Missed connections? No more of that!

For example, you could be sitting in the library, checking out that student in a Queen's Law School sweatshirt (What? Don't tell me you haven't done it). And because walking up to a total stranger can potentially be interpreted as a little on the creepy side, you have another option. A more anonymous option to curve potential embarrassment or rejection. An option to test the waters before actually approaching the individual you have your eye on. Behold, shy friends, you have a tool to pre-flirt (is that even an actual term?). You can log onto LikeALittle, write a complimentary description, and pre-flirt with the individual you're currently staring at, wherever you are on campus. I suppose that's the beauty of LikeALittle.

I was walking around the library yesterday and could not believe how many student computers were logged on to LikeALittle. It's exam time, folks. Are we not studying?! Almost every laptop I passed by had a LikeALittle window open. Hordes of students were discreetly typing in descriptions on LikeALittle's "Anonymous Flirting" description box.

Here are a few descriptions I found amusing on the Queen's website:

"At Stauffer Library 4th Floor: Female, Redhead. You are really cute, and your laugh when i embarrassed myself trying to get my friend's attention was adorable. Send a smile in my direction."

"At Stauffer Library 1st Floor: Female, Brunette. We were trading glances at 4am a couple nights ago near the stairwell on the first floor. I wish I had asked you your name :)."

"At Stauffer Library: Female, Brunette. You are sitting in a cubby next to the atrium - you have beautiful brown hair and a pretty completion, are immersed in your macbook with a coffee on your desk. Can I get lost in your eyes?" (Awwww! Corny, but awww!)

"At Tim Hortons: Female, Brunette. We were waiting in line together at Tim Hortons - you were wearing a black coat (lululemon?) - and we smiled at each other. You look really cute! Just thought you should know."

(And my personal favourite): "At Stauffer Library: Female, Brunette. Worst fear: flirting with a girl on LikeALittle, finding out she's the girl of my dreams, and having to make up a story to my kids." (I laughed at this one for ten minutes).

It's all anonymous. And quite honestly, despite how creepy some people may find it, it's also incredibly entertaining. If you spend a few minutes reading some of these descriptions (minus the creepy ones that make you barf), you'll laugh at the entertainingly cute, witty comments some people have posted. I know I'm not the only one who thinks some of these comments (the legitimate ones) are absolutely adorable. These people have the cutest descriptions of their anonymous crushes! LikeALittle isn't a tool for everybody, but it can actually be quite useful for those who are too intimidated to approach a complete stranger at the library, in class, at the coffee shop on campus. A pre-flirt. I guess that's what they call it.

Honestly, I can't help but marvel at the ways in which technology can be manipulated to suit our personal needs. But I suppose if its objective is to help students with their personal lives amidst the bustle and workload of everyday university life, what's the harm in that? I don't know how long LikeALittle will stay a fad at Queen's, or at other university campuses in general. But while it's around, I suppose it's a tool for all of you to use when you're liking... just a little!

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