Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Eventful Evening - Animal Help Hotlines & The City of Kingston

Earlier today, after my housemates and I realized that it was garbage day tomorrow, we promptly brought our garbage and recycling bins outside for the scheduled pickup. However, as we headed out the door, we knew it would be an eventful evening. As two of my housemates took the garbage bins out, they discovered a huge (read: MASSIVE) dog wandering around our porch. Running to the porch with the recycling bin, I stopped in my tracks when, at first glance, I thought there was a wolf standing on our porch (you can't imagine how much my heart pounded).

The dog looked like Lassie. Seriously, she was incredibly huge, as large as a wolf. Affectionately (and temporarily), we named her Wolfie.

Wolfie had no collar, no source of identification, and her knees were terribly scarred. Honestly, as we all stood on the porch, we had no idea what to do. Although I have a phobia of huge (read: MASSIVE) dogs due to a scarring experience when I was younger, Wolfie softened my ogre's heart, and I found her (we decided Wolfie was a girl) absolutely endearing (albeit at a distance).

As we watched Wolfie scavenge through our garbage, we quickly figured that out that she was extremely hungry. Quickly, Brittany and I ran to the fridge and found some milk, cheese, and chicken to provide the hungry Wolfie. Once she was fed, I then set out on a hunt for a 24-hour Animal Help Hotline, as leaving her on our porch to fend for herself probably wasn't the best idea.

Let this blog post serve to recognize the Kingston Human Society's wonderful, amazing work in the community. I want to note that I'm extremely, incredibly impressed by its efficiency and prompt response. Within 20 minutes of my call, an individual serving our area called me right away to discuss the issue. She promptly told me that she would be at our house in about 20-30 minutes, as she would be driving in from outside of Kingston.

And so as we waited patiently for the Humane Society to arrive, my housemate decided to read Wolfie a story: Emily's Eighteen Aunts. Wolfie enjoyed the story so much that she took a little nap! Forty-five minutes after our call, representatives from Animal Control arrived with a leash to take Wolfie away. As they left, they mentioned that Wolfie was the third Husky they picked up this week. Waving goodbye, we watched as they loaded Wolfie into the back of a truck specifically for the use of Kingston Human Society's Animal Control division.

Although I haven't been a pet owner since I was a very young girl, I'm not naive enough to believe that animal neglect is a rare phenomenon. As we saw tonight, there are a number of owners who neglect their pets, leaving the animal to fend for itself. I hope Wolfie finds a nice, warm place to sleep tonight. And, unlike Lassie, I sincerely hope and wish that Wolfie finds a happy ending.

I'll borrow the closing words of one of my housemates regarding our eventful evening. Friends, garbage day has never been so exciting.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
- Josh Billings

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